What’s next

What’s next.

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What’s next

Now that the ban has been lifted ?? in The Tiger reserves across India.

It will soon a month since the the Supreme Court of India lifted its ban on Tourism, in our national Parks. It comes with some riders and we thought we’d let you know what those are and how it affects the Tourists.

Ranthambore, National Park. Rajasthan.

Only 20% of the core areas in all national parks will be open to Tourism. This means loss of territory for the beasts which can think and drive. ! At Ranthambore however, the area has increased as two other parks (Kailadevi and Mansingh sanctuary) have been clubbed together and the area is now called Critical Tiger Habitat. So as against 20% of 392 Sq Km originally, you’ll now get 20% of 1134 Sq Km.

Now if this is good news then the bad news is that the procedure for reserving the vehicles has become more stringent. The total number of Jeeps and Canters available to be booked on line will be 15 each.

Complete proof ID must be provided AND THE SAME ID must be presented at the time of boarding whereupon you will be given a boarding pass !! Seats/bookings are non transferable non refundable.


You don’t have the choice of selecting a route. you could end up on the same drag, twice if you do more than one safari ! The only saving grace is

The forest department has provided the facility of choice for guides on extra payment of Rs. 600/- (six hundred) only for the vehicles booked in advance, else the guides will accompany the safari vehicle through the set roster of forest department.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

You can go on limited number of safaris into each of the 3 zones of the park – Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli. And the park will remain closed on WEDNESDAYS.

At the TALA gate, the entry of the Jeeps has further been restricted to 30 in the morning and 15 in the evening, as against 50 Jeeps. This will impact the tiger sighting, as Tala is the premium zone and the sighting is the best here.

At the KHITALUI entrance, 15 Jeeps will be allowed in the morning and 15 in the evening.

And at the MAGDHI entrance, 45 Jeeps will be allowed in the morning and 30 in the evening.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

This PArk too will remain closed on Wednesday like all other Parks in India’s Tiger state, Madhya Pradesh.

Presently, 37% of the total core area are being used for Wildlife Tourism in MP. This area is exactly the same as it was last year. With the revised guidelines, the proposal is to reduce is to reduce the area to 20%, over the next 5 years.  In effect, the proposal is to reduce the core area and increase the buffer area.

Thankfully the booking procedure for the vehicles is more flexible here but one still needs to submit the correct passport details, which will be verified at the time of the visit to the National Park.

The number of Jeeps that can enter this Park has been reduced by 50 %.

At the MUKKI  gate, the count of 45 Jeeps has been reduced to 28 in the morning and 17 Jeeps in the evening.

The KISLI gate is most  affected, as almost all resorts are located here.Out of 70 Jeeps, you can hire 45 in the morning and 30 in the afternoon.

Nows that’s so much for the established Parks where 7 out of 10 tourists are likely to go.

Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of the (if somewhat) lesser known Parks in India.

Have a great day !

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